Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Review: Naked Smoky

When the Urban Decay Naked Smoky dropped in the UK last Thursday I was waiting outside my local counter before the shop had even opened as I was adamant I was going to get my hands on this beauty. But now I've had a few days of thorough testing, was it worth it?

The Packaging: Firstly, it is absolutely stunning. The smoky design behind the bold gunmetal lettering makes the palette look very different to the others in the range, something I think was necessary after 2 and 3 looked pretty similar. The translucent base really adds to the smoky feel of the design and is a welcome addition. The lid has been made in a way that it can hold itself open at any angle, making it much easier to be able to use the full-width mirror when applying makeup. Personally, I prefer the rounded edges of Naked2 as it makes the palette seem a little smaller, even though there is virtually no difference in size. But that's just me being picky. This is the most visually appealing of all the Naked palettes, in my eyes, but from a practical sense I slightly prefer the slimmer feel and clasp closure of the Naked2. Although lets be honest, they are all better than the half cardboard/half velvet original. 

The Brush: I thought this deserved a quick mention before turning our heads to the shadows themselves. It has a long-haired blender brush on one end, which is no Mac 217 but still it does a good job, and an almost fatter, rounded pencil brush on the other (very similar to the Zoeva Petit Eye Blender 223). The smaller end of the brush is new for the Naked Smoky and given the 'smoky eye' theme of the palette I think it is a useful improvement. Really you would only need a second brush to pack the eyelid colour on, and the dual-ended brush could do the rest of the work for an easy smoky eye, by adding precise colour to the outer corner and blending through the crease. 

The Colours: The shade range is simply stunning and really covers all bases for any smoky eye. I think it would be a perfect palette for anyone who doesn't own any of the range already as it contains slightly warmer golden browns like the original, cool toned greys and a gorgeous purple like the Naked2 and some lovely neutral matte shades like the Naked Basics. The only base it doesn't cover is the rosy tones from the Naked3, but if that is your style I would just get the Naked3. However, if you already own any of the other palettes, it doesn't mean you don't need this one (I use 'need' in the loosest sense of the word) as the finishes are very different, the shades are not identical and it is much more versatile than the other 3. 

The Formulas: The matte shades are probably the creamiest, butteriest mattes I have ever used, I love Whiskey in the outer corner and crease, The satin shades are lovely, and make a nice change to the traditional metallic, shimmery shades that are common in the Naked palettes. Dagger and Smolder can be built up into incredibly pigmented and beautiful colours. My only disappointment is that Black Market is not as pigmented as I would have a liked, and I think a strong black colour like Blackout from Naked2 is really missing in this palette. There are a few shades in the palette containing micro-glitter, which at first I wasn't sure of. But in the case of High, Armour and Slanted it gives a stunning multifaceted effect on the lid, and by building up Armour an almost wet-look is created. I wish there was a bronze shade in the satin finish as Radar is slightly too glittery for me, but over all I think there is a great range of finishes to suit everyone.

Verdict: Did I need it? No. Do I regret purchasing it? No. It is a stunning palette and surprisingly quite different to the others, well as different as you can get with it still fitting the 'Naked' range. Perfect for eyeshadow newbies and palette collectors alike. 


  1. I really want this palette! I don't own any of the palettes yet as the other ones just haven't grabbed my attention as much as this. I love the packaging and shades in this one! The packaging reminds me of the Nars Virtual Domination palettes, love it xx


    1. This one has definitely stood out from the rest, it's so beautiful! Let me know what you think if you do get it! xx

  2. I picked up the new Naked Smoky around 10 days ago and I am completely obsessed! The UD Naked palette range is perfect *insert heart eyed emoji*. If I had to choose a favourite though I would probably say Naked 3 :)

    Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


    1. It's just so beautiful! That's the only one I haven't got, I'll have to take a closer look next time I'm at a counter! xx


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