Thursday, 3 September 2015

August Favourites

This is a little over-due, but seriously, where did August go?! One day I was sunning myself in July and now it is a rainy afternoon in September. I found it really difficult to chose just beauty favourites this month as I haven't been switching products up much, so there's a few random ones in there too.

Favourite Products for August

It took a while for me to be persuaded to jump on this bandwagon, but after so many positive reviews I couldn't resist, and I am so glad I picked one up. This is such a light-weight dewy product which can be built up when used with a brush, or sheered out with fingers whilst still giving a decent amount of coverage. This is my perfect light base as it packs some serious glow and sticks around all day. Be prepared for a serious rave review coming soon.

This has been my go-to eyeshadow this month as it is so easy to use and just stays put. A couple a quick swipes across the eyelids blended out with a MAC 217 and that's all it takes to create a golden shimmery look, perfect for the summer and into the autumn months. 

You can check out my full review of this here, but in short it is just a lovely cleanser. It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft, as if I have just had a facial. Having a milky consistency means it is thoroughly hydrating without the 'greasy' feel of a balm or oil cleanser, so makes a great alternative for dehydrated yet slightly oily skin.  

I am so lazy when it comes to body moisturising, I have lots of amazing smelling products, I just struggle to summon the energy to use them. So this has been such an amazing discovery as it it just so quick to use (are you sensing a theme here?) but still really hydrates the skin. I spray this onto my legs after showering and within minutes it has sinked in and I am free to go about my day.

I am seriously in love with this watch. I got it for my birthday and finally managed to pick it up a couple of weeks ago, and just wow, I love it. It has a rose gold bracelet so is slightly chunkier than my leather strap version, but it looks stunning and isn't actually that heavy. So it is comfortable to wear. I am so grateful to Mum for such a lovely gift and I don't want to take it off now!

As a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks this book really intrigued me, I mean who would say no to something that is meant to bring calm to your life. It contains really interesting passages and activities and helps to calm and distract your mind, something that I have found extremely useful pre and post attack (ugh I hate that word) and I would seriously recommend this to everyone and anyone.



  1. I have to agree August seems to have flown by, fab favourites :) I am really tempted by the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue as I haven’t tried anything from them before but this sounds perfect and I love how it lasts all day :) The Olivia Burton watch is gorgeous, and I love that it’s rose gold also :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. It is so good, I hadn't tried anything else either but I am so impressed and would really recommend it! xx

  2. I recently got the calm book after researching the app a bit. I think it's helped my dad more than it has helped me, to be honest but it's still in an interesting read for those times when I need to distract myself.
    Nice list of favorites!
    Aria | Girl in a Whimsical Land

    1. It's really helpful for distraction! Thank you! xx

  3. I absolutely love the Vaseline spray and go, it's so perfect for the lazy girls like me haha! The cocoa butter scent is also amazing!!! I've never tried anything by Kiko but I've never seen anything negative said about them, maybe it's about time I checked out their stuff x

    Toni x

    1. I am so lazy when it comes to body moisturising, I couldn't be without this now! I have only tried the shadow sticks, but they are so good. Definitely rival the By Terry ones! xx


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