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Interview Makeup Tips

Makeup for Job Interviews

As some of you may know I am currently job hunting and have been to a couple of interviews lately. One where the job wasn't right for me, and the other I wasn't right for the job, and that is absolutely fine! Trying to keep a positive outlook is definitely making the whole thing a lot easier, Anyway, I digress, I thought I would share with you a few of my interview makeup tips in case any of you were in the same position. Obviously these are not rules, there is no right or wrong, just a few things I like to follow.

Don't stray too far from the makeup you would wear if you got the job.

This might sound pretty self explanatory but I thought I would add it in anyway. At an interview you want to be showcasing not only the best side of you, but also the realistic side, the side that would be turning up for work everyday. If you never wear makeup, and wouldn't to work on a daily basis, just stick to mascara or none at all. Putting on way more makeup than you would usually wear to work (or way less) can make you feel self-conscious, so stick to makeup that will give you confidence and make you feel empowered. This being said, wear the amount of makeup that would give you confidence to do the job, not the amount to give you pulling confidence on a night out.

Plan your time wisely.

Being late for an interview is a huge no-no, so make sure you plan in enough time to get your makeup done. Personally, doing my makeup really calms me down before an interview, so I like to set aside lots of time for it. This doesn't mean I apply loads, I just really take my time doing it, usually mulitple neutral eyeshadows without making it a smoky eye, for example. If this does not apply to you, try to get your makeup done earlier so it is not as affected by nerves. Deciding on your makeup and outfit as well as packing a bag to take can easily be done the night before to avoid unnecessary stress in the morning. 

Use makeup to naturally counteract the signs of nerves.

An interview is a nerve-racking situation, but that is entirely normal, so don't worry! But you can use makeup to balance out some of the physical tells of nerves to make you look and feel more confident. If the nerves makes you go pale, apply a natural looking bronzer to put the colour back into your face. Use a light touch and little product to start with as you will need less than you think. This isn't aimed at giving you an Ibiza glow, just your natural look. If nerves make you go red, skip the blusher, or apply a green toned primer to balance out the redness. Maybe a little TMI, but if nerves make you sweaty, make sure you have locked your makeup in place. I often just wear concealer, so there is no risk of foundation sliding off my face, and finish with a setting spray or powder, whichever works best for you. 

Paint your nails a subtle colour and check for chips. 

This one is in here for my mum, she thinks chipped nails is big deal and shows a lack of organisation. Personally, it doesn't bother me that much on a day-to-day basis, if I am not going anywhere important, but for an interview, and jobs that evolve dealing with clients, customers or the general public, appearances do matter. So either no chips or no colour at all. My current favourite interview nail polishes are Essie Eternal Optimist for a pinky-toned rose nail and Rimmel Soul Session for a neutral, nude nail. 

Research the company's policies.

Obviously it is vital to do lots of research before applying for a role and especially before the interview. But speaking strictly about makeup tips, it is always worth researching the company's policy on makeup and nail varnish, as depending on the role so jobs do not allow nail varnish for hygiene reasons. Office jobs are less affected by this, but some shops have strict policies. If you would not be allowed to wear nail varnish to the job, don't wear it to the interview. This is not a dead set rule (as with all the above tips) but I tend to feel more comfortable knowing that from my first impression I am showing I would fit the role. 

I hope you've found these helpful and I would love to hear some of your interview tips in the comments. Good luck!

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