Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Build Your Own - Bobbi Brown Palette

For years I have wanted to build my own eyeshadow palette, a travel friendly, do-it-all palette filled with shades that all suit my skin tone. Not much to ask for. After a lot of deliberation I decided to go for a Bobbi Brown 6 Pan Palette as I am a huge fan of all of the range and the formulation is so buttery and easy to blend. Also, I felt like the MAC quads weren't enough shades to be versatile and the 15 pan would get too expensive.

As a quick run down of the prices before I get into the shades, the palette was £7 and the shades I chose were £17.50 each, however Bobbi Brown does have Sparkle Eye Shadows which are £23.50 each. Until now I hadn't realised how expensive it was to actually build this palette as I did it slowly and used vouchers I received for Christmas and my Birthday to cover some of it, however I still love this palette and for me it is totally worth it as it has some really unique shades that I love and get a lot of use out of. This being said I am definitely not rushing to build another one.

Lets get into the shadows themselves. At the top left of the palette is Navajo, a matte yellow-toned cream shade which I bought alone 3 years ago. As I already owned it before starting this palette I couldn't not put it in, and it does work beautifully as a base for the other shadows. The other Matte Shade in the palette is Mahogany in the top right hand corner. This lovely warm, chocolatey brown looks beautiful when used as a liner or in the outer corner and crease for a smokier look. 

The two shades mentioned above are pretty standard colours to be found in a neutrals palette, but as I want to use this as an only-need-this-one-to-travel-with palette so they had to be included. The rest of the shadows are much more unique. To finish off the top row is Heather Mauve which is a Shimmer Wash Shadow. This means it is slightly less pigmented than the rest but it's so so shimmery, without being a total glitterball. The silvery tones makes it gorgeous as an inner corner highlight or patted into the centre of the lids for the effect of bigger looking eyes, but it is still neutral enough to be used as a one wash colour giving a natural, almost wet-look to the lids.

The bottom row is filled with Metallic Shadows which are definitely my favourite formula as they are highly pigmented, like the matte shades, but they still have a high level of shimmer running through them, something which I personally think really suits my eyes. On the left is Champagne Quartz, a beautiful (you guessed it) champagne shade which balances out the bronzey tones in the rest of the palette. 

In the bottom, middle slot is my favourite shade of all Velvet Plum, which on the surfaces looks like a metallic bronze shade, however it does appear slightly red/purplish in certain lights. This multi-faceted shade looks stunning all over the lids and works well with Mahogany through the crease for added depth. The final shadow is Burnt Sugar, but don't be fooled by it's dull in-pan appearance, when swatched it turns into a stunning almost coppery bronze colour that can be used to create such a variety of eye looks. It is less glittery than the other metallic shades so works well in the crease and the lower lash line. 

I seriously love this palette and would recommend Bobbi Brown shadows to to all neutral lovers. 

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