Thursday, 5 November 2015

Having a Beauty Clear-Out

It's time for a big beauty clear out, so I thought I'd take you through the steps I usually follow. I started with bodycare, and then went through my makeup and skincare, but each time I checked for the same few things.

Is it out of date?
I am usually so strict on this one, especially around mascara and eyeliner. But when it came to bodycare there was so much out of date, most with a bizarre watery liquid coming out first and a peculiar smell. This stuff goes straight to the bin. It's never pleasant to pass on expired products. Some actually have dates printed on the packaging, one of mine scarily said 2013! But for most there is a open tub symbol with a number of months in, showing how long it takes since opening to go off. 

Do I actually use it?
Although I am not a real hoarder, I do find myself thinking, 'yeah but now I've remembered it I'll use it all the time'. And that's just not the case. I like to put it somewhere different than usual and see if I ever reach for it, and in a months times if it is still untouched, it's time to give it up. Depending on the product these are really good things to give away to family and friends as there is nothing wrong with the products themselves, they just might not work for you.

Do you have other similar items?
As a beauty lover this is the hardest step. Despite what my family might think, no two nude lipsticks are the same, and that justifies keeping them all. But their are great charities (like Give and Makeup) which are always in need of new/fairly new but hygienic donations and friends who would appreciate the product more. Now I am not saying donate everything, (if you want to that's cool too) but having less is sometimes more.

Reorganise the space.
It's so easy to want to buy enough to fill the gap you've just cleared, but it's such a good opportunity to utilise the space better. My big clear out came as I bought my first Muji drawers so it was the perfect time for a re-organise and it's given me so much space back! Just having a clearer desk space is enough for me, but you could use the extra space for whatever you wanted.

I would love to hear your tips for a big beauty clear out!

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