Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Weight Loss Progress: changing my relationship with food

This is a very different one for me today, but I recently hit a milestone I am pretty proud of, and I wanted to share my story. Hope you don't mind that it's not as beauty based as normal. 

My weight has always fluctuated, and since having to go gluten-free I've really struggled to keep it under control. Which must sound odd as so many people seem to ditching gluten for 'health reasons' or to lose weight, and although there are many studies linking gluten to bloating and digestion problems, just cutting it out doesn't instantly make you lose weight as many of the alternatives are really high in saturated fat. Not being able to eat raw vegetables or a great deal of acidic fruit, finding healthy natural alternatives was a struggle, so I stuck to processed alternatives and the weight piled on. Anyway, I am going off on a bit of a tangent now, a little over 3 months ago I decided enough was enough and it's time to do something about it. I have lost over a stone already, am back into the healthy bmi range and am almost at my target.

To get it all going I started using the My Fitness Pal app, which is effectively a calorie counter with added nutritional information. This for me has been the turning point as it gave me a real indication as to what my portion size should be, which has always been my weakness. But not only that, it has really made me look at the nutritional information on snacks, something I have never done before. I think this has been the biggest shock to me. Some drinks are well over 500 calories and a large side of Nandos chips, something I would have on every visit is over 1400! I would really recommend this app to anyone looking to regain control of their eating as it couldn't be more simple, and it actually breaks the calories down by food group, so you can make sure you are eating enough protein for example, and even checks to see if you are having enough vitamins! The only thing to be careful with is that you don't lie, doing exercise and not logging it, or eating less than the target is unhealthy, and personally I think it's much better to lose weight slowly and change bad habits rather than cut food down to unsustainable levels.

This is the point where most people would advise you to stop snacking, but for me, I know I have to eat every few hours or my blood sugar will drop and I will binge. So my main suggestion is to eat healthy, filling snacks. My current favourites are these Trek Flapjacks, as not only are the gluten-free, but they are packed with protein and provide long lasting energy. They also do chocolate coated ones and the nicest date/rasin/chewy-bit-like-the-nakd-ones-but-nice bars I've ever tried. I am not going to lie and say they taste amazing (although the flapjack really do) but in my opinion they are much much nicer than similar brands. Eating healthy filling snacks and drinking plenty of water throughout the day has really helped stop my binging on large meals and grazing on chocolate.

Don't go without. I used to think healthy eating meant not eating crisps or chocolate or anything seemingly unhealthy at all. Although this may work for some people, I would stick at it for a couple of days, maybe a week tops, then cave and binge. But allowing yourself little bits, without viewing them as 'treats', usually means you won't crave it as much. For me it's having a small, low-ish calorie, bag of crisps with my lunch, as they are my absolute favourite. Letting myself have a little means I don't miss it, and fitting it in normally into my day means I have stopped viewing it as a reward, or something to cheer me up. This has been a massive step for me, as food used to be my ultimate comfort, but now it's a hot water bottle and a film or going for a gentle session on the cross-trainer. 

Which brings me onto my final point. Exercise. I know, I know, noone really enjoys it do they? But it does make you feel good. Even if you are not fussed about weight or fitness or anything like that, it really just makes you feel brighter, and gives you so much more energy for the next day, and so on and so forth. 

I hope this hasn't been too boring or too different, but it's been a big part of my life recently, and I am so so proud of hitting a stone, I couldn't not share it. Sending lots of luck and motivation to anyone else in the same position. And I would love to hear your tips in the comments! 

P.S, I am sorry this is justified weirdly, Blogger seems to be having a moment and keeps switching it back to centred. Apologies!


  1. That's awesome girl, great job! I totally agree with all the points you made :)

    xx Krista


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