Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Origins Obsession

This is basically an ode to my favourite moisturiser of the season, Orgins GinZing Moisturiser. Its lightweight texture and gorgeous citrus scent make sit perfect for this time of year in the UK. It may not be the most hydrating, but it gives the most amazing glow, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and energised.

It has now been launched in a limited edition, larger 75ml size at £25. That's a saving of £9.50! The new size has a beautiful new design on the lid based on coffee beans, which are listed as one of the skin-boosting ingredients alongside Panax Ginseng. I am currently working my way through my second pot and have stored the new size away for when it runs out as I can't bear to be without it, especially in summer.

The gel-like consistency means it spreads easily across the face and a little goes a long way so each pot lasts a very long time. I pair it with the GinZing Eye Cream, which has an interesting peach-toned pearlescence to it, brightening the under eye and leaving it refreshingly hydrated. This moisturising duo gives my skin the I-had-a-very-good-nights-sleep look and is a brilliant base for makeup.

I've found my morning skin savour, what's yours?


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