Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Stranded on a Desert Island...

I have been really into watch Bear Grylls The Island recently, which is about how well 14 men and 14 women stranded on two islands work together to survive. With the last episode of the men's island on tonight at 9pm I got thinking about what my top 5 beauty must haves would be if I was stranded. *Little disclaimer, this obviously does not count food, water or a way of getting off the island, because that ruins the fun of it.*

1. Number one would definitely have to be a good sun cream as I burn so easily it's actually a joke. At the moment I am loving the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence SPF 50. It is so lightweight and it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy. Body sun care is a much more personal choice, but I am huge fan of Garnier Ambre Solaire for both sun cream and after sun.

2. Next has to be a lip balm as the sun really dries them out. My current favourite is Blistex Intensive Moisturiser as it is so hydrating! It is a white cream, like a thick facial moisturiser, which I find much more hydrating and softening than petroleum based ones. Although given its white colour it is more of an overnight balm, so I would take Blistex Moisture Max as well!

3. I would also need to bring my Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer as I barely go anywhere without it on, Even if that is the only make up I am wearing, I find it really perks up my faces and hides those pesky dark circles.

4. Now skincare gets a little trickier as I would hate to be without my whole collection, however my must haves are the Garnier Micellar Water and Origins High-potency Night-A-Mins. The former to wash off concealer and SPF without wasting any water. And the latter to keep my skin moisturised overnight, although the gorgeous smell might attract the insects.

5. My final must have would be dry shampoo, of which my favourite is the Batiste Original Dry Shampoo. Enough people rave about this product so I don't need to tell you how amazing it is. Although out of all my must haves this is my least important as I often leave my hair a few days between washes so I could handle a messy bun throughout my time on the island.

And I know it was only meant to be 5, but if I could push it a little, hand sanitiser and hand cream would be lovely too - Soap and Glory's Hand Food and Hand Maid are my current favourites.

What would you take?

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