Sunday, 31 May 2015

Sunday Edit: Pamper Night

I think Sunday is probably my favourite day of the week. I can potter around the house doing a few jobs in the morning, eat a huge roast and then spend the evening having a mini pamper night (finding time for a face mask) - pure bliss.

I am really not a bath person (I know they are meant to be relaxing but I just don't like them) so I will start with a lovely hot shower and a good scrub. Today I am using Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub, I seriously love this stuff. It is a sea salt and brown sugar scrub so it does an amazing job of banishing dry skin, however it is not quite as abrasive as the Breakfast Scrub, so it's slightly gentler on the skin. Whenever I open the tub I'm hit with this incredible sugary lime scent, which I adore! It is not sickly sweet or overly spicy which I like, but it is definitely a strong smell. I like to follow this with the Sugar Crush Buttercream, which as the name suggests is a a body butter in the same scent. This product is so thick and hydrating it is brilliant for really dry, but not too sensitive, skin. I usually prefer a lotion, or even better a spray, over a butter, however the scent is so strong and unique I don't find it mixes well with sweeter scents body lotions.

The best part of a mini pamper night is finding the time to apply a face mask. It is the step in my skincare routine that I will often skip, even if my skin feels like it needs one, as I find it hard to allow myself time out to relax. But on this day of the week it seems acceptable, so I thoroughly cleanse my face with the Sarah Chapman Ultimate Cleanse (raved about in my May Favourites here) and do a gentle face massage. Then it's face mask time. This week my skin has been well hydrated so I am going to go for a cleansing mask to help tackle my blackheads. At  the moment I am loving Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed, which is a self-heating seriously de-congesting mask. I find that it works amazingly well at de-clogging pores, but can be a little drying, so I only use it on my chin and nose - the areas which need it most.

To bring my pamper evening to a close I like to slather my face in the Sarah Chapman Overnight Facial, which may be the most luxurious skin care product on the planet. It is equally hydrating and nourishing and in the morning it is like you have woken up with new skin! Then I get into bed and continue watching the Friends box set from start to finish for the 14th time.

What are your mini-pamper evening must haves?


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