Sunday, 26 July 2015

My Lip Saviour

These last few weeks my lips have been playing absolute havoc. From swelling to shedding and back again repeatedly they have been so painful and very unattractive. Even my mum thought I had secretly gone to have very uneven lip implants! Every lip balm I use regularly made them sting more and swell again, it was a nightmare! Then I found a sample of Dr Lipp's Nipple Balm For Lips and it changed everything, the swelling has completely reduced and the skin is beginning to feel soft again.

It is made of 100% pure Medical Grade Lanolin and was created for for breastfeeding mothers, so works well on all types of dry and cracked skin as well as making a lovely cuticle cream. It is a very thick almost gel like consistency which looks like a clear gloss on the lips so it can be reapplied during the day without leaving a white tint lip many very hydrating lip balms. It claims to be odourless and tasteless, something I am not sure I totally agree with, but it is not too overbearing and it certainly doesn't stop me using it.

At £12 it's pretty pricey for a lip balm, and even though I loved using the samples I swore I wouldn't buy the full size (15ml) but seeing the incredible difference it has made I just couldn't resist. It definitely won't become an everyday lip balm, but it will be brilliant to have to hand in case there are any more lip emergencies.

What are your go-to products in a beauty crisis?

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