Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Best Fake Tan For First Timers?

I basically never tan. Being naturally pale, obsessed with wearing an spf and having a hatred of sunbeds (seriously why?!) I was used to never having a tan. With the thought of streaky legs and unwanted stains on my white bedsheets even fake tan never appealed to me. Honestly, it didn't really bother me that much, I was (and still am) happy being pale. However, when St Tropez launched their new Gradual Tan in Shower and many bloggers labelled it perfect for newbies I thought it was time to delve into the bizarre smelling world of tan.

Smell: I have to say I don't notice a particularly biscuity smell as I was expecting, and it certainly doesn't linger on the skin, but it definitely doesn't small pleasant. A bit like a fridge where something has gone off, but the smell is so faint you can't tell what food item it is. Saying this, it hasn't put me off using it, it just could be much nicer.

Application: This literally couldn't be any easier. I smother it all over damp legs in a haphazard manor and then just stand for three minutes. The only difficult bit is working out when three minutes is up, but that's easily sorted with a clock/phone/favourite song/patience to count it. The only minor incident is the patch I accidentally got on my arm without noticing so didn't wash it off, leaving an odd orange mark, but it'll fade. Soon. Hopefully.

Result: This definitely isn't an instant week-in-the-Caribbean tan, but there is also no risk of orange or patchy legs as the formula really is streak-proof. After only a couple of uses the almost bright white shine of my legs has been transformed into a shade that matches my arms (whilst still not overly tanned as such, they were out in the 'heatwave' so they are slightly more bronzed than usual) and I feel much more confident to get them out in the future.

Tips: Keep your skin moisturised and exfoliated. Although the formula means this is less important than with a traditional fake tan, it still helps to keep everything looking even. Also be careful, it makes the bottom of the shower very slippery. So rinse well and if you are singing in the shower be wary of dancing.

Verdict: I am very impressed. It is easy to use and leaves my pale skin with a subtle glow, changing my perception of fake tan completely. If you are not a first time tanner it may not give the instant results you may want, but it would be perfect to upkeep an already there tan.

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