Sunday, 18 October 2015

Boxset Weather

I love this time of year, the cold is always the perfect excuse for curling up with a good boxset and ignoring that ever-growing to-do list. Here is a round-up of the series' I have been loving at the moment.

Best TV Boxsets

Friends: Now who doesn't love Friends? It has got to be the best sitcom of all time, big statement I know, but it has truly stood the test of time with younger generations falling in love with it all. Since they removed it from E4 I have watched the boxset all the way through at least twice a year and it just never gets old. I still laugh out loud at Chandler's one-liners and am jealous of Rachel's hair, especially in seasons 5/6.

Gavin and Stacey: This has a serious cult following and it's easy to see why. It's light-hearted and fun whilst still being totally relatable. I actually want to be Pam. It has some serious laugh-out-laugh moments and is perfect for a Winter pick-me-up.

Modern Family: Again along the sitcom theme, can you tell I have a favourite genre yet, Modern Family is the American equivalent to My Family, but somehow even funnier. If you have never seen it before, prepare for a proper commitment as there are 144 episodes in seasons 1-6 and more to come. I haven't seen season six yet, so no spoilers!

Suits: Firstly I am in love with Patrick J Adams. But more importantly, this is just an amazing, gripping show. About a hot-shot lawyer, his fraud prodigy and some seriously feisty women (can I just be Donna please?) it is gripping from start to finish, without being scary. It is great for sitcom lovers like me who want to branch out into something slightly more tense (it's not really tense, but you just get hooked) without the scare factor. For UK viewers, seasons 1-3 are on Netflix, and season 5 is currently airing on Dave.

Episodes: Because no boxset favourites list would be complete without two lots of Matt Le Blanc. Staring Stephen Mangan, British comedy acting hero, and Tamsin Greig as a married couple and writers of a hit UK TV show who try to break into the States. Genuinely funny and heart-warming for all viewers, but with Matt Le Blanc starring as himself, all Friends lovers will seriously appreciate the self-deprecating humour and surprise Gunther cameo.

Netflix: Even though 'Netflix and Chill' is me and some ice cream usually, there are some pretty good shows which I am currently watching on there so I thought I would bump them in on the end. Arrested Development is my current favourite, and although it has taken a little while to get the American witty humour rather than cry-laughingly funny, I am beginning to really enjoy it. Plus it stars a young Michaal Cera, which is brilliant to watch. And to run to I am enjoying re-watching Pramface, about a young woman who falls pregnant with an even younger boys child and the struggles they face with the baby and getting their very different families to interact. A light watch which is funny in places, a solid BBC sitcom.

Let me know if there are any new TV series' you think I'd like. What have you been loving lately?

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