Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mini Ikea Haul

Last weekend I visited a friend at uni, and we went on a spontaneous Ikea trip to grab her a chest of drawers. On the plus, I am officially a flat-pack furniture wizz. I seem to speak the same language as the questionable diagrams. Anyway I digress, having only been in Ikea once in my life, and that was ages ago, I couldn't help myself and picked up a few homeware bits.

The succulents have to be my favourite part of the haul as they are just so cute! They came in a set of 3 for £4.50 and there were many different colour pots to choose from. I opted for white, as my room, and house in general, is so not blogger-y I thought I would succumb to a cliché for once. Plus they look adorable on the white windowsill. I am a littler concerned about over watering them, and worry that if I am too concerned I will under water them. So if anyone has any tips that'd be fab! 

I really warmed to the idea of adding more greenery to my room, but I knew I would struggle will a proper plant (cacti don't really count, do they?) so I picked up a fake grass-like plant. I went for a white pot to match the others, and they all have horizontal indented stripes, so they look good together. The plant and the pot come separately, and there were loads to chose from, it was incredible. I wish I had picked up a couple more at only £4 for the set.

I also picked up a few flannels, exciting I know. But as they are in use/in the wash I didn't feel the need to photograph them. But as with the plants there were so many different colours and patterns, so I went for white with stripes (can you sense a theme here?). The final item I picked up was a glass water bottle with a wire bail lid. I make lots of raspberry and strawberry lemonade which I thought would look cute in there. Or even just for water when we have dinner guests. 

The thing that shocked my the most is all of this was only £13.75! They have some great homeware stuff in at the moment and it's just made me more excited for the fact they are opening one near me next year. 

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