Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Payday Wishlist

It's pay day this week! I am so excited! As it's my first paycheck from my new job I feel a spend coming on! So I've complied a wishlist and hopefully at least a few of these will be making their way into my stash throughout the month.
Payday Wishlist
1. This Zara Scarf (£19.99) is just stunningly simplistic and would go with my entire monochrome wardrobe. Zara always do amazing scarves this time of year, from traditional checks to full on blanket scarves there is always some good ones in stock. But if you see one you like, get it, it won't still be there by the time you go back (talking from experience I'm afraid). 

2. I know, I know, the last thing I need is another fairly neural eyeshadow palette, but how beautiful is the Narsissist Matte/Shimmer Palette! At £39 I couldn't quite justify buying another one, but as it's my first payday in 6 months, I think I might just splurge. It contains 8 gorgeous shades, all of which are totally wearable, and if it matches up to other Nars shadows the formulation is well worth the price.

3. Anyone who read last weeks post on the weekly manicure will know how much I love these CND Vinylux Polishes. They last all week without chipping and are so quick drying, it's a hassle free way to a perfect manicure. However, my collection is seriously missing some autumnal colours. I am currently lusting after Bloodline, Crimson Sash, Plum Paisley and Indigo Frock. 

4. Nars' Holiday gifting collection is incredible for all lipstick lovers, I have my eye on this A Woman's Face set, containing the Dolce Vita lipstick, mini Dolce Vita matte lip pencil and mini Patong Beach velvet lip liner. I already have a miniature of the matte lip pencil and the colour is just stunning. It's a proper dusty rose which really compliments my skin tone. It would make a lovely Christmas gift for any neutral lip lover.

5. Marks and Spencer have seriously upped their beauty hall game and when I was in there last week I couldn't help but lust over all the lovely Pixi products, and I will be certain to pick up a few this week. The first on my list is the Overnight Glow Serum, as it claims you'll wake up with 'smooth, luminous skin', and who doesn't want that! Plus the Glow Tonic is a staple in my skincare routine and it'd be lovely to try out a few more products from the range. Do you have any recommendations?

6. I love the look of leather gloves, and have always thought, given my love of 'classic' coats they would fit it well into my winter wardrobe. These one's from M&S are stunning, and at only £18 a real bargain to! 

What's on your current wishlist?


  1. Gorgeous wishlist hun, I really love the look of the Steven Klein set and definitely would make a great Xmas present thinking of adding this to my wishlist ;)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Thank you! It's just such a shame SpaceNK aren't stocking it with free delivery! xx


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