Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Best Beauty Books

I am really not much of a reader, in fact I am still making my way through the book I started in the summer of 2013! I just never feel the desire to sit down with a book, no matter how good or iconic it's meant to be. This all changes when it comes to beauty books; I am drawn to the beautiful pictures and love learning new things about the wonderful world of beauty.

This is probably my favourite of the lot as it really is 'straight-talking'. I read all 330 pages within about 4 days which is a miracle for me and a true testament to the brilliance of this book. Containing everything from routines to suit your skin type to finding the right perfume it is the one-stop-shop for beauty newbies needing advice or fanatics wanting to learn a little extra. It is a brilliant read and one I will keep coming back to.

Bobbi Brown Books

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual (above) is my favourite, and probably the most comprehensive of the three I own. The pictures are beautiful and really bring this book together. It covers many aspects of skincare including the effects of a good diet and how to analyse your skin to find the right products for you, as well as detailed sections on makeup application. It is the end third of the book that makes it unique as it focuses on how to get into a career in makeup, having the right supplies in your kit and makeup for photograph, making it a useful book 'for everyone from beginner to pro'.

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty was the first beauty book I owned and it opened my eyes to the makeup world, and stopped me making some horrible makeup mistakes! It gives great advice on confidence and encourages slight enhancements and having fun with makeup rather than completely covering youthful skin. However, as it was published in 2000 the advice is still relevant but the pictures are noticeably dated. Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules is a more recent book aimed at the same audience, but I have never read it so cannot comment on what's inside.

Bobbi Brown Everything Eyes focuses much more closely on eye looks (as the name suggests) and finding glasses to suit your face. Although it is a lovely book, unless you are a glasses wearer (which I am not) it doesn't contain anything too different from the Makeup Manual. The application techniques are similar and the looks created aren't ground-breaking. However, for a glasses wearer who is just getting into makeup, I think this would be a lovely first book.

This is a seriously hefty book which contains just about everything you need to know about makeup. Part 1 'Making Make-Up Work For You' covers makeup application and styles extensively for all skin tones and eye shapes, covering every formula imaginable. Part 2 is the 'Problem Solver' focusing on the most asked beauty questions, from radiance to disguising a strong jaw, this book covers everything and is a must-haves for all beauty-lovers.

What are your favourite beauty books?

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